Mixed Media Weekend

I’m the program chair for my local guild and this weekend was my first “duty weekend.” Our guild has a workshop on Friday, a lecture at our Saturday meeting and a workshop on Sunday. My responsibilities on the guild weekends include making sure the instructor gets to the right place at the right time, gets fed, gets help with anything she might need. I decided that for this first one I would not try to take the workshops, too! That was a good decision.

Jan13 AA3

The guild meeting also gave me a chance to work on making powerpoint presentations. I’m not too experienced there, but I made one for our summer program and one to present all of this year’s workshop instructors. I was more nervous about that than anything and they worked just like they were supposed to…whew!!

Workshop fun…

Jan13 AA1

Our instructor was Sherry Peterson of SLKP Designs.

Jan13 AA4

Jan13 AA5

Jan13 AA2

During class I had time to work on my own stuff so I got a big backlog of paperwork type stuff done. It feels good to be caught up with that.

Chatted with the woman who photographed our quilt show and she sent me some shots of one of my quilts…the quilt I love the most because it’s a beaded piece. So happy to have her good photos!

Sunflower from MBD

See what I mean about a mixed media weekend, though. A little bit of everything.

I even had time to work on another sample piece for my upcoming beading class. Almost done…

Jan13 AA6

This has been fun–like a 3 day retreat–and I get to do it 5 times more this year. There is a lot of work that goes into coordinating everything, but our guild has been doing this a long time so the template for how everything works is very well set.

However, when Monday comes, I’ll be glad to get back to my own little studio!


8 thoughts on “Mixed Media Weekend

  1. I love the sunflower. Did you hand paint the background fabric or is it a commercially finished piece? The fabric and beading are so striking! When and where are you teaching the beading class?


    • This was a commercial panel that I cut up and added fabric to, then beaded. The beading took a long time and I knew by the time I finished it that I was well and truly hooked! The beading class I’m teaching is basic beading on quilts at the Quilt Patch in Tecumseh MI on Saturday, March 9 from 1-4.


    • We DID have a lot of fun this weekend! And I do have a couple of spots in 2014 but I’m not filling those until later this year. I’ll keep you in mind, and I teach too, though I know your area is full of top-notch quilters. Is there anyone left who needs instruction where you live?


    • It was a very good class and I’m even more impressed now with Sherry’s work. And excited to try MORE new surface design techniques!

      On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 10:02 AM, Quirks Ltd.


  2. Looks like really wonderful class. You had a big job there. One of my pet peeves is that speakers give us programs and their power point presentations don’t work when they get up there. Then we sit around waiting while they fiddle around with their projector. I am glad that you are in charge and make sure everything works. I do like that photo of your sunflower. Wow.


    • Things went so very well this weekend! I hope all our gulld weekends go so well, and I’ll be working on organization to help it happen!

      My sunflower is still my favorite project with beads. My daughter has claimed it for herself but she is willing to allow me to use it as long as I need it!!!


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