Final Finishes–FINALLY!!!

I really appreciate all the feedback I got when I asked for opinions on my little beaded pieces. I didn’t answer each comment individually, as I usually do, but I really considered the opinion of every one of you. I’m especially happy with an email from Alison Schwabe who had a little butt-kicking advice to just finish it already, or trash it or give it away but just get it done!! I guess that’s what I needed to hear because they are done.

After thinking about that was said, I painted the background of the red one a pale gray. Made the piece less stark and in no need of the red cording.

Fancy flowers 2 final

The purple one seemed happiest with the green background, but I decided against wrapping the canvas with fabric and just painted it.

Fancy Flowers final

Thanks again for all your input and I am movin’ on!

I will have my grandson help me draw a name for the giveaway and post that tomorrow evening. I’d better go down and pick out some nice fat quarters!