It’s all discombobulated around here!

New adventure…cats in the house! My son and his wife and their 2 cats are staying with us for a while. We are so excited to have them closer to us, but we are definitely not used to cats. They are adjusting well and not a problem at all, but it is different to have to be careful with open doors again and looking before we sit!

Last weekend was move in and we have a great bunch of relatives that helped unload the huge truck. There are still lots of boxes and suitcases around and they kind of know where everything is, so it’s all good. However, I did not help to unload that truck!

I had my second beading class on Sunday and I just wasn’t about to miss that. This class, taught by Linda Lindsey of Square Rose was the best class that I’ve taken in years! She knows so much about beading and she is also an excellent teacher. I made my first beaded button…and I like it! I didn’t think that was something that I’d care for, but I found all the edge stitch information very valuable.

Beaded button

I decided to add some edging and fringe to my little red piece and I’m quite happy with it. (These two detail photos will enlarge if you want a closer look.)

Edge loops


I’ve always loved fringe and the info we got from Linda gives me a whole different perspective on what can be done on the “edge.”

Planetary Forces1

Debating whether or not to put more fringe on the bottom. It’s already a pretty busy piece!

We’re getting settled in and used to each other’s ways around here, but it is different to have two adults sharing the house with us when we’ve been used to just the two of us. It’s so good to just glance up and see my son and know that he’s going to live closer to me than half a continent away. Hooray!


12 thoughts on “It’s all discombobulated around here!

  1. Love what you’ve done and can’t wait to try a little of it myself. I vote for more beads on the bottom. Have fun !!!!!


  2. Ah yes. Cats and beads don’t mix. Either do puzzles and cats. Found that one out the hard way. It was such a great class.


  3. Oh my gosh I’m sold-love that beading and now it must go on my fancy wearables! That button is so cool-I saw something similar on Gilber Muniz’s 1st place winner in Houston. And mo is betta on the fringed hanging-I do think it adds without going over the top. Fun post!


    • I don’t do fancy wearables anymore, so if I make more beaded buttons they are most likely to go on a quilt. We were shown how to take the shank off those metal ones, though!


  4. Having the kids move in for a while is always a challenge, for sure. I am allergic to cats and dogs, so no pets. I love doing the beaded edges on things. It makes such a difference, don’t you think? I think that your have just the right amount of fringe on your piece. It is perfect.


    • It’s a fun time, but I can’t leave my beading out anymore, in case the cats get up on the beading table!!! And I love fringe so I’m always eager to add more and more and more!


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