Vacation Time!

Retirement has a lot of advantages. Being able to take a vacation in the dead of winter and head out to warm weather is one of the best. Hopefully the taste of spring will be in the air when we get back.

I’m off to be a tourist and who knows what sights I will see. Maybe just a recliner and a book! I get to teach a workshop, so maybe there will be something about quilting.

I don’t write blog posts weeks or even days in advance. I write about my life as it’s happening. So, blog posts may be few and far between for a couple of weeks, or you may get random pictures of trees or a beach or a special shop I may find…I’m just looking for warm, sandal-wearing weather and total laziness!

tree play2

Aaaaaah, vacation…


9 thoughts on “Vacation Time!

  1. Be careful of that red algae crud that’s going around. My dad picked it up while they were in Florida and he’s very sick right now. It’s all upper respiratory. He had to go to the ER down there he was wheezing so bad on Wednesday. They are home now but he’s still not good. Check it out before you go anywhere!!!!


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