Artsy/Craftsy ADHD

Artsy/Craftsy ADHD. Yep, that’s what I’ve diagnosed myself with. I’ve been on vacation and only brought some beading with me. No sewing, knitting, painting or other projects to keep my hands busy. And it’s been boring. That led me to realize that I function at home by jumping from one thing to another on a daily basis. While I wait for paint to dry, I quilt. When I’m not sure in which direction I want to quilt, I piece. When I’m tired of piecing, I knit or bead…there are always a variety of things going on in my studio. Being able to jump from one to another keeps me from ever being bored.

Not so much on vacation…

I was able to do a workshop for the Cabin Fever Quilt Guild this weekend. It felt so good to be working with fabric after more than a week away from my ADHD studio activities. The ladies were super and, as always, each project is totally unique. Also, as usual, I don’t try to report their names and connect them to their projects because I always goof up when I try to do that. I apologize if I missed anyone! I will just leave you with glimpses of their projects on their design walls. Hope you can enjoy with me the beauty of their choices and their work.


6 thoughts on “Artsy/Craftsy ADHD

  1. I can never go anywhere with only one project! Thanks for posting class results. It is always so much fun to see what color combinations people like to work with.


  2. While you get to label yourself however you like, what if you saw it as more of efficient use of time? I know that when I was still teaching public school full time, I would have to grab snippets of time here and there. I do find that when IU travel, a large part of my carry-on is something to sew and bead. I see parents with young children carrying huge amounts of things to keep the
    kids occupied, and I guess I just never grew up, at least in that respect! Sounds as if you had a great workshop.


    • I could *pretend* that I use my time efficiently, but deep down I know that I just flit from one thing to another to keep from being bored!

      On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 12:12 PM, Quirks Ltd.


  3. I can relate to the addiction. I am also afflicted. But, it is probably good for us to step away sometime. Of course, our brain never stops creating and we don’t know how to turn that off. Just looking at those design walls is intriguing.


    • And there are not enough hours in a one day class to have students try everything you have learned about making a piece better using good design principles! But the colors they choose and they way they look put together…ymmy eye candy!


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