Daily Pic (…aaaah, fabric!)

Spent a little time on my own little personal shop hop today. There are 3 within easy driving distance and in the time it takes Keith to golf. So he golfed and I fondled fabric! There were only a few pieces that I couldn’t live without, but that’s because I strongly resisted the fabulous yarns that were in the same shops!!!


Looking forward to getting them home and playing with them!


6 thoughts on “Daily Pic (…aaaah, fabric!)

    • Me, too!!! I’m thinking maybe some wool and cotton piecing with beading and embroidery…at least for one of the pieces. It’s growing in my head as I look at the fabric!!


  1. Oh, I am so with you when it comes to fondling fabrics. I once fell face down into a pile of plush velour just to see what it would feel like…:) When I was married, I had to practice covert gardening and fabric buying… “Oh, that? That’s been there!” while “there” may only have been 20 min before. now, I can buy when I like!


    • I’ve never had to practice covert buying, thank goodness! And I just can’t help myself when it comes to fabric…I have to keep looking and can’t resist buying!


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