Daily Pic (big loves-beads and fabrics!)

Stopped by the local bead store again today. The owner, Kathryn, was absolutely luring me in with a sign in the window that said “New Arrivals”. How could I pass that up? Turns out it was mainly a beach themed line that she had designed and I could totally pass that up. Whew!!! But I do love these…


And while I don’t do bead jewelry, I thought these class samples were just beautiful!

beadsdeland3   beadsdeland2

And, naturally, since the fabric store is only a couple of blocks down the street, I had to stop by! There was only one piece of fabric that jumped off the shelves at me, but it’s a beauty!


I seem to buy a lot of really bright fabrics and then chicken out when it comes time to use them. I need to get over that and use some of this fabric up!


6 thoughts on “Daily Pic (big loves-beads and fabrics!)

  1. Wow, wow and double wow. Here is how you use the brights. You call it some exotic name like “Fire and Ice” or “Tropical Heat.” This starts the inspiration to follow the theme. It works for me, try it.


    • Go on a personal shop hop and don’t buy anything that doesn’t really “pop’ from the shelves! that always helps me and it’s what I do when I’m down here in Florida on vacation.


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