Daily pic (abundance and waste)

Many of the homes here have orange, lemon, grapefruit or even kumquat trees in the yard. It’s a huge bonus during the fruit season to be able to go out in the yard and pluck fresh oranges for breakfast. The disadvantage is that all these trees do so well in this climate that they produce much more fruit than the average family can really use. So in all those yards, the trees are heavily covered with fruit and then the ground also becomes heavily covered with fruit. It hurts to see that waste, but there is not an easy answer to using such abundance.

This tree just caught my eye. It seems so typical of this dichotomy…full of fruit and yet draped with Spanish moss. It looks so undisturbed, no harvesting of the abundance, no disturbance of the waste.

orange tree


4 thoughts on “Daily pic (abundance and waste)

  1. Kind of like apple trees around here in the fall I would guess. Although at least you can make apple sauce and apple pies and freeze it all. Not so with citrus.


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