48 hour days?

Yep-that’s what I need this month, 48 hour days. I committed myself to so many things this month that I don’t know where the time will come from to get them all done.

How does this happen? I’m retired and have time to do anything I want.

And I only do things that I want to do. But it becomes harder to say no, because I only do things that I want to do!

Except for those things that I don’t want to do and have to do…like go through 3 weeks worth of accumulated mail. That’s one of my chores for today and I’m betting there are a bunch of bills that need to be paid, too. Those things don’t go on vacation!


I’m looooonging to be secluded in my studio again, sewing away, but today is not the day. Well, the sooner I get my necessary chores done, the sooner I can get to my dream!