Beaded Bling for Quilts

Taught a beading class on Saturday—oh, yeah–I already told you that was happening a bunch of times, didn’t I? And, as usual, I did not take any pictures of the class. I didn’t even remember to ask someone else to take pictures for me! I do this all the time.

I do have a picture of a pile of stuff as we were starting to pack up!

Bead class March

Everyone brought a favorite fabric to work on and dove in as soon as they knew the first steps to take. It was stitch, stitch, stitch all afternoon and talking and laughing and just so much fun! I always have such a great time teaching–I hope my students have as much fun as I do!

Thanks to all of them for giving me a wonderful day!


8 thoughts on “Beaded Bling for Quilts

    • The best beading DVD in the world is already out there–Bead It Like You Mean It by Lyric Kinard. I don’t think any class I could do online would be better. My strong suit is teaching in person, with one-on-one help.


    • I’ve never really considered an online class. This type would be best done with videos and I don’t even have a camera! I’ll give it some thought, though and see if online classes would be an option.


  1. Hope you will be teaching the bead class again. Really wanted to take it, but things just didn’t work out for me. I want to play with beads!!


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