So little to tell…

I’m so sad that I have nothing accomplished. No sewing or painting or beading or crafting of any kind has been done so far this week. I went to my Knot Even Quilters meeting today with my challenge, due today, in pieces in a bag! I’ve got some pictures of what my friends got done…and then my camera battery died! So, they are a bit blurry and I didn’t get them all…

So, so sorry this is so blurry!

So, so sorry this is so blurry!


KEQ Kathy

KEQ Mary

As for me, I’ve been working on taxes…AAAAARGH!!! Nobody’s favorite job!


This weekend is guild workshop weekend and the ‘big reveal’ of our summer program, Quilting Unlimited 2013. Great teachers and lots of classes. Now is the time to be part of the Ann Arbor Quilt Guild! The info should be live on the web this weekend. I’ll post a link when it is. The link to the Guild website for general info is

Hope I get some time in the studio after the weekend. I’ll suspend any more “nothing” blog posts until I get some work done! That better be by Monday or I might explode from the frustration!


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