Figuring It Out…

I had lunch with some friends on Saturday and conversation ran from husbands, family and marriage to religion and our current projects. I was struck by a remark one of them made about my blog.

She said that she just couldn’t figure out my blog, what it was supposed to be about. Totally different mindset between the two of us. Her blog is for her business, to show her products, projects, activities, events. There is a reason for every post and none of it is personal.


My brain puts this blog in the totally personal category. Completely random, about whatever it is that I’m working on, issues with my projects, traveling that I do, whatever might catch my eye or interest me, very disorganized. Sometimes it’s about my classes and promoting my “business.” Mostly it’s just postings about my life as I bumble through every day.

What a difference in how we have to approach our blogs…mine is all about fun and hers is just one more item on her to-do list. I can see where she might not be able to figure mine out!


8 thoughts on “Figuring It Out…

  1. I know a few people who have blogs and they are not even public. They use them strictly as an electronic journal of sorts. One they can quickly access if they need to find something they did ten years ago. So…like you say. To each his own!


    • Yeah, I’ve never been a journaler, but I find myself liking the blog for keeping track of what I actually get done…even when I forget to take pictures!


  2. I agree, different perspective. and that is what makes it all fun. I love the variety, and I do that with my blog also,, sometimes a thought that has been brought up, but mostly thankful for each glorious day with sunshine for everyone we meet, and the sharing. Meeting wonderful delightful ladies.


    • I feel like I have met many wonderful people through reading their blogs. It’s time-sucking, but sooooooo interesting!

      On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:27 AM, Quirks Ltd.


  3. I don’t follow a lot of blogs, as that can quickly consume loads of time, but appreciate that you update yours regularly and it is short and sweet. Although keeping a blog strictly business-like establishes good boundaries, including some personal information adds warmth and personality. You strike a good balance.


  4. I have always thought blogs were about what one person was doing with their hobbies/obsessions/families. I love to read about what other quilters are working on. I thought websites were to promote ones business.


    • That’s kinda how I view things, but every business website that has a blog seems to concentrate on the business end of things on the blog, also. Just a different perspective on using the social media aspects of our world!


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