New Beginnings

Since I have not been extremely active in my studio for soooooo long, I almost feel as though I am starting a whole new chapter in my life. I’m planning on exploring in two directions, that may overlap in many instances. Just sitting here typing up my intentions gets me itching to go!


Series are often talked about and definitions debated, but I’m of the opinion that a series is any body of work that you feel is connected! That’s what I’m planning…a series using more solids, my normal improv techniques and putting them together with traditional designs. The other direction is to explore more surface design, painting, stamping, inks, hand stitching and beads, of course.

Fusibe thread, tape, gilding

Now, just talking about this isn’t getting it done! But it does help me to define what I need to do when I get off this computer and get down in the studio. Ready, set, go!!!!!!!

How disappointing…I went through my stash to get all my solids and start working with them. THIS is what I found, including a few tone-on-tones and barely there batiks and two sets of hand-dyed gradations.


I just don’t have solids. This either means a shopping trip or a dye day. Hmmm….so for today I worked with paint and I’ll tell you all about that in the next post.


6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

    • That is so true and I have consciously tried to have more lights and darks but I just haven’t bought solids. Need to go shopping and/or dyeing…or BOTH!


  1. Another idea….order online from Marcia Derse’s gorgeous hand dyed solids and then you can still work in your studio on other projects until your solids arrive in the mail! So many ideas…never enough time and money! Have fun…


    • I have some Marcia Derse fabrics on my shelves, but I could always use more, right? On the other hand, I DO love dyeing my own fabrics, too! What to do, what to do, what to do…?


    • I know…I go into the store and want ALL the Kona solids but I can’t afford them all and then I can’t decide which ones to get so I end up walking out without any…sigh!!


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