Playing with paint, again!

Solid color fabric in my stash? Not so much! So I turned to paint and played. I believe I mentioned this technique in an earlier post, but I did it a bit more today. And I love surprise results, so I don’t aim for anything specific.

Squirt a few drops of paint inside a plastic bag.

Paint bag2

Paint bag1

Add a damp, scrunched up piece of fabric. Squish around in the bag.

Paint bag3

Remove the fabric and spread it out to dry. Voila!

If your fabric is quite wet, you get a much more blended, softer look.Paint bag4

You’ll never get the same results twice, even using the same paints as I did above. I had a couple of ideas immediately for how I want to use these.

Paint bag6

Stamped leaves, appliqued onto a soft background..

Paint bag7

Lovely fern on a bright colored background. However, I tried using this ‘vintage’ plastic fern as a stamp and was totally unsuccessful. Now I have some green blobs on the background, but I’ll have to find a better way to get the fern design on it. Maybe I’ll go look for a good stencil.

This piece started out as a plastic bag background, too. I stamped the pear design on it because the colors just seemed right.

Pear paint

Stitching around each stamped design was easy-peasy.

Pears stitch begin Pears stitching

The shadows seemed to need a little emphasizing, so out came the paints again for a few shades of gray.

Pears detail

Now my only decision is whether or not this is done or if I’m going to add some shiny or some beads or some foo-foo.

Pears black

I think I just want to keep it plain, mount it on this black and put it on a canvas. Opinions are always welcome, you know!

So now what? Go buy some solid color fabrics or dye a bunch in many colorways…I do have a couple of sets of graduated dyes already. I could always use those first, but I DO feel better when I have a full palette with which to work!!!! Hmmm…

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14 thoughts on “Playing with paint, again!

  1. Love the pears as is. I LOVE that stamp. Or at least the premise of it any way. Thanks. Now I’ll be scouring stamp isles again when I thought I was over that.


    • I’m using USArtquest paints and I’m very happy with every product of theirs that I use! I’ve barely touched the possibilities of surface design so every day is a new adventure!


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