Paint in a Bag…can’t get enough!

As promised, here are the results from my paint in a bag experiments. I am totally hooked on this simple little technique now. Immediate gratification is part of it—there is none of the chemical process of mixing as when using dyes. Much less control of the results, still have to wait for the fabric to dry, but it’s just fun!

Paint bag8

Smaller piece in the bag first, not too damp, bright results! Larger piece, quite damp, lots of squishing and moving around and I added a little blue, but there was no added paint in the original colors. Just used what was left from the first piece.

Paint bag10

The pieces on the left are kind of interesting, and I got the resulting horizon-like lines just from rolling the fabrics in plastic while they dried. The fabric was quite wet and paint looks like it migrated to the lowest level while drying. I will try to do this on purpose next time!

The paler fabric on the right was left in a scrunched up pile to dry and again the paint migrated to the lowest level and left some cool texture lines.

This next piece of fabric was not done in a bag. It began as a damp piece of fabric.

Paint bag5

Then I folded it loosely in pleats and ran it through the paints on my palette to clean it off!

Paint swipe

After running the folds through the paint on the palette, I spread the fabric out over the palette and kind of squished it around to pick up whatever paint was left. Great way to use every bit of paint and clean up, too!

Then I used some of my already ‘bagged’ fabric and stamped on them. Remember the bright fabric from the other day that I wanted to stamp with a fern? Well, I found a stencil and used it to achieve the effect I wanted.

Paint bag9

This will probably end up as a thread sketched and beaded pocket on a tote bag!

I love this next little stencil and just wanted to use it–on anything. I like the result, but don’t have a plan in mind, yet.

Paint stamp2

Last little stamping…

Paint stamp1

And then……….I was too tired to do any more!!!! But it was tired with a smile!


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  2. What fun – with great results! Did you just use the USArtQuest paint that is in bottles? I have some of those and will do some of my own playing this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration! Oh, yes…on the piece you painted without using a bag…did you just lay it out and paint it with a brush?


  3. Wow, Kathy, this looks like a great serendipiity dye moment. What fun that must have been, how hard to wait for the fabric to dry.


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