Whew! Under Control!

Trying to get that fabric explosion under control was NOT a task I really wanted to tackle. I was very tempted to just put it ALL in a trash bag and never look at it again. But then I looked a little closer and saw some of the fabrics that I loved so much, just strips and scraps and oddball pieces left and I knew that I would have to sort and keep.

This is all that ended up in the trash…a healthy pile, for sure, but it is really teeny pieces or so ugly that no one that I know would want to touch, much less USE.

Under control4

I had a slightly larger pile than this of fabric pieces that are useable, but that I don’t want to use, or ever even see again!

Under control3

This will go into a bag and get taken to my quilt retreat in 2 weeks. There is a woman that loves to work with small, small pieces and she may want this. If not, it will already be in a bag and ready for the trash, ’cause it’s not coming home with me!!!

Under control5

And just when I thought I had sorted all of it, I found another bag! Easy, peasy, though, ’cause it was mostly trash! Maybe I started a trash bag once and then accidentally added some other stuff to it…like some unfinished projects. I ended up with just a partial tub of unfinished, ‘special’ fabric.

Under control2

And the rest is all good fabric and UNDER CONTROL!!!

Under control1

Sorted by color—I know, some people sort by light, medium, dark, but sorting by color works better for me. Down to three small baskets again, but not overstuffed at all.

Under control6

I’m thinking that perhaps I should work on creating something from these scraps. Like I said, I have a retreat in 2 weeks…


14 thoughts on “Whew! Under Control!

    • Even Bonnie Hunter wouldn’t want to deal with these scraps! They are mostly odd shapes and small…it would take forever to trim and cut enough to make them useable!


  1. Donate these trash bags for doggie bedding instead of sending it to a land fill. Requires a little bit of extra effort, but doggies are color blind. LOL!


    • I thought of that, too, and I do have some ugly fabric to make the beds, too! Dogs may be color blind, but some of my really ugly fabrics could make their owners barf!


  2. I took me a week to iron most ok my fabric. Fold it.and put it up. On my new shelves Jim put up for me. IT LOOKS great.


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