Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are supposed to look very good together, aren’t they? Play off each other? Well, I moved another pile of stuff in my wreck of a studio and came across one of my little beaded samples. I want to mount it on a stretched canvas and thought I’d paint the canvas with the complement to the mainly green piece.

Beaded flower on burg

Then, of course, I had to try it on a green background. I often like to stretch fabric over the canvas instead of painting.

Bead flower on green

I am such a ditherer when it comes to what should be a simple decision! Wow–red or green? Make up your mind already, Kathy. This is NOT rocket science and no one will be hurt by your decision…


12 thoughts on “Complementary Colors

    • Aha–a vote for the red! I really thought that’s what I’d be picking, but I’m being swayed over to the green!

      On Sat, Apr 13, 2013 at 11:36 PM, Quirks Ltd.


  1. I am wondering what a thin line of the red on the inside of the mat, with a wider band of green mat surrounding it would look like…just to complicate things….


    • I think that may be what was bothering me, keeping me from making a decision. And then I looked at Lisa Call’s blog today and her small pieces are ALL mounted on black painted canvas. Food for thought!


        • I know you do but I’m not convinced that black is right for my stuff…at least all these flowery, ‘fluffy’ pieces! I need to try a few, hang them up and live with them for a while. Perhaps I need to make a series of same size pieces and group them before I try to decide.

          On Sat, Apr 13, 2013 at 11:18 PM, Quirks Ltd.


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