Not much success, today!

I spent a large part of the day working on a new example for a quilt article. Process photos, step-by-step, the whole thing! Thought I had the right fabrics picked out…they looked great together in the pile. I made up all my blocks for the piece and threw them up on the design wall and HATED it! All because of the salmon colored fabric.

Ugly example

So I went back to the drawing board…er, fabric stash and I’ve been working on it again with some different fabrics. We’ll see how that turns out!

The happy part of the day was getting my 2 new red chairs! I love red and orange and these red chairs absolutely had to come home with me!

Red chair

Of course, now I need to get a new area rug and I think I’ll need to re-paint the living room, and I need a new small table to put between the chairs…oh, and I’ll need to re-cover and re-paint my coffee table, but that was a project I had already planned on!

Wooo-hoooo! Red chairs! I love it!


6 thoughts on “Not much success, today!

  1. Love the chairs!! Have fun redecorating! And I’m sure that your sample will come together. It is just taking longer than expected.


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