And we’re off and sewing…

Well, as promised, here is a quick look at the first day. Time went by so quickly!

We always end up packing like we are going on an arctic expedition, but isn’t it better to have too much than to need something that’s sitting home on the shelf?

Retreat car

Oh, and there’s another suitcase with some PJ’s and that all-important big sack of snacks, too!

Scraps, scraps and more scraps–that’s what I brought to work on. The first simple little project was to make a bunch of mug rugs. I had a strip of pre-quilted fabric that I had trimmed from a quilt, so snip-snip-sew around and they were done.


Teeny, tiny pile of bits left…hooray!

The next batch was stacks of fabrics that I had cut a long time ago for a step-by-step demo. Sewed them together and then quilted them, using up scraps of batting, too!


Simple random, free motion quilting. If you are unpracticed, this is great. It absolutely will not matter if things are not perfect. These are mug rugs!


Next step is to trim with a pinking or wavy edge rotary cutter and then a simple line of stitching around the edge and you are done!


Tomorrow I’ll have pictures of the wonderful projects other people are working on. There are some truly beautiful quilts being made here!


2 thoughts on “And we’re off and sewing…

  1. Imagine what our vehicle looks like when we go for our four day retreat every year. There are three of us in each vehicle. We have started going to the store after we get there because there is just not enough room for the food when our projects are in the car.


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