Almost missed it!

One of my favorite area charities is Circle of Art for Food Gatherers in Ann Arbor. Artists get to contribute small art pieces, 9 x 11 or smaller for auction. The event is so much fun that you almost forget it’s a charity auction.

And I almost missed it!

The email with the call for artists went to my spam folder for some reason and I was lucky enough to see it in time to make a couple of small pieces. Whew! I’d have been so disappointed if I missed out.

You’ve seen this piece before, but it’s mounted on a green background now and I’m quite happy with it, and hope someone else will be, too!

Circle 1

Frivolity 8 x 10

This second piece grew out of my exercises with my Wacky Quilters group using the black and white fabrics. Not what I had in mind when I started, but these things take on a life of their own, you know!

Circle 2

We Sail Tonight 9 x 11

Hope you take a moment to click on the link and find out all about Circle of Art. It’s fun and for a good cause!