Love this project!

Went to open studio at USArtquest this week and learned a new process to use with mica. Several of us made mica beads and rather than use them in a necklace, Sue decided to showcase them on a textile piece. I got to do the quilting and finishing and I just love the look of this project.

Mica tiles1

Don’t know if this is supposed to be super secret, but you can have a good sneak peek at another project full of fun!

Here are a couple details and here’s MY secret–it doesn’t matter what you do to these tiles, they all come out absolutely gorgeous!!!

Mica tiles2

Mica tiles3


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    • I find almost all of my surface design supplies at USArtquest. They have mica in every possible variation that you could want, from teeny colored glitter size to huge chunks and everything you need to work with it. I don’t work for them, just use their products!


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