Always color…

My color decisions today involve beads. I’ve been slowly working on this piece, little bits at a time when I have a bit of time! It’s only about 16 x 20, but I’ve not been working on it very steadily.

Flower color7

I have my big rectangular dark beads on. I have my dark curvy lines. And then I have the pinky/orange/floral parts that I originally fell in love with. They’ve been totally ignored and now it’s decision time.

The flowers are subtle, but there, if you know what I mean.

Flower color1

These are the most clearly seen, quite pink, with just a touch of the orange on the right side.

Flower color2

These are almost completely pink with no orange nearby.

Flower color3

More very pink, no orange.

Flower color4

And a big swath of orange with no flowers.

I want to emphasize the flowers, pull in the orange flavor, but not overwhelm the subtlety of the flowers.

I started with the very lightest flower and used a gray/white bead.

Flower color5

Haven’t gotten too far, but I pulled these beads. I think I can achieve what I want with these…just don’t know how heavily I will cover the flowers with beads. I think a light touch is called for.

Flower color6

May not get this done for a while since it’s the “work-on-when-I-have-tiny-bits-of-time-piece” but I’ll post a picture of the completed beading. Then I have plans to add some hand stitching before the whole thing is done. Yep, little bits of time, but eventually it will get done!

I’m going to link this to Nina-Marie’s Off the Wall Friday. I love to check out what everyone else is doing–you might, too!


4 thoughts on “Always color…

  1. Ooohh…I like! Are the background areas that are within the fuscia area cut out to reveal the background or another layer of background fabric? Even though non-symmetrical, the piece has good balance, and the color combo works well!


    • Thanks. The gray fabric diagonal strips and borders are pieced and the squares are fused on. That’s where most of my hand stitching will be…I think!


  2. I love the beaded flowers and I agree the subtle beading is best. Shows the delicacy of the flowers. The limbs almost look like snakes from this stage of the piece. It’s absolutely fun and beautiful. As you know I love flowers. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. What an inspiration to all the beaders out there. Have fun!


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