Oh, this crazy life!

Sometimes life is boring. Same day after same stuff after same thing. And then we go into a phase where life is just crazy. Occasionally it’s a bad crazy and often it’s a good, busy fun crazy. I had both of those in the past week and today I am embracing the boring!

A little beading, a little piecing, a little gardening, maybe a little napping…just nice, peaceful boredom.

favorite tree2

Watching the grass grow and the trees leaf out…

Of course, that means nothing to tell you about, so how about a little giveaway?

I always have fabric that needs to find a new home and today I am giving away a vintage set of the same fabric in different colorways. I’m not sure if I have ALL the colors in this set, but I have most of them.

Giveaway floral1

Various sized pieces that I have not used up because I never found the “perfect” idea for them. I think there’s a yard of the green and 1/2 yard of the blue (which has stains along the fold), but only a little square of the brown. I think they would work well in a more traditional pattern and since I don’t use those anymore, this fabric should go to a new home.

Would you like it to be yours? I sure would! Leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner this week…when I’m done with nice, peaceful boredom!

Giveaway floral2


18 thoughts on “Oh, this crazy life!

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to win these fabrics; I donate quilts to auctions for non profits so will use it well.


  2. Hi, I make the award ribbons for Art Quest which our community sponsors every year. All of the ribbons are made from fabric and scraps of old napkins, clothing, etc. I am always on the lookout when I go to Goodwill or old antique stores. If I am lucky enough to receive some of your fabric it will be put to good use.
    Ann ( yzarctoo@aol.com)


  3. Interesting fabrics, I think they would be gorgeous mixed with some light neutrals. Thanks for this opportunity.


  4. The fabrics are perfect for a handbag or covering for a Kindle. Also would make a nice throw blanket for someone special. I would enjoy winning these fabrics, the possibilities are limitless….winning is priceless. Have a fantastic day…


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