Uh-oh–baaaad quilting!

I used a machine that had an automatic thread cutter when I was quilting my last piece. So, so easy to just push that button and have the thread cut.

However, that leaves short threads to start the next spot. DO NOT try to back stitch when starting the next spot, particularly in the middle of a section. This is what you get, and these pictures are after some of the thread piles have been trimmed!

Knots3 Knots2 Knots1

It’s real messy on the back of this piece and this, combined with all the stops and starts from the thread breakage, make this a technically baaaaaad piece of work. But visually, I still really like it and you don’t see the back when it’s hanging on the wall. I believe it will be staying in my ‘personal collection’ and there may be another version in the future…without all the technical problems!

Doesn’t look too bad laying on the grass, does it?

Scrapbox City-grass


13 thoughts on “Uh-oh–baaaad quilting!

    • First, I won’t use the thread cutter and if I am doing straight lines as in this one, I will turn and continue the line rather than start and stop. Using the even feed foot, it seemed easier to cut the thread and start each line new. Turned out to be a bad decision!


  1. I use my thread cutter for piecing and love it! But I cannot use it for quilting, especially free motion at all.


  2. The thread cutter was one thing that I thought I would use a lot on my machine. I used it on two different quilts just to make sure I hated it. And yep I do. I think it’s okay for piecing but not for quilting for me any way. I didn’t have the issues you did but I sure didn’t like trying to find and clip all those tiny tails!!!


    • I guess I’m just a slow learner! Or did not need to start and stop on other straight line quilting. It was that middle of the quilt start/stop that did me in!


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