Hypotheses Pretty Well Proved

I was determined to find out if my recent problems with my sewing machine truly were a thread issue or if I had a machine issue. I tried a bunch of different threads with my “challenging” sewing machine today.

Not one bit of breakage or skipping.

The machine just does not like thread that is slightly thicker…or I didn’t find the right settings to make it happy. But after fiddling with it for half a spool of thread, I’m pretty sure there are NOT any settings that would work. So, I will resign myself to the fact that my higher speed machine can’t eat the thick thread correctly and will have to stick with a diet of low-fat thread…but that leaves a whole bunchof thread to happily choose from!

And nice to know that I really can manage my machine. It’s just my threads that need more adjusting than I thought.


8 thoughts on “Hypotheses Pretty Well Proved

  1. Thanks again for the lovely fabrics you sent me, Kathy. I really like them. I spent a long, long time trying to get the 100% cotton threads to work on my machine, but I finally found a tension setting that worked, along with a topstitch needle. I think every machine is different.


    • You are welcome for the fabrics and I’m happy they are in a new home! And it’s only the high speed machine that gives me any trouble. My faithful Bernina never lets me down!


  2. I have also discovered that some threads won’t work well in my machine. Best to purchase in person than through the mail. Thanks for the research!


    • I’m all for mail order to get a thread that works well, but I also only choose thread color based on the finished top. So in person works much better for me. But those 6000 yard cones are soooooooo economical. Maybe I should only ever quilt in black…I might finish one of those cones in my lifetime then!!!


  3. I have the same problem with my machine, sadly. But like you said there are plenty of awesome skinny threads out there.


    • I think a high speed machine needs the poly blend thread…no 100% cotton, which is the thread it didn’t like. I think I’ve experimented enough now to NOT use that type thread in this machine.


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