One Project at a Time!

Only one project at a time? That’s not like me, but I seem to be in a finishing mode right now.

This project has been kicking around since sometime in the winter and now it’s finally finished!


I finished the beading and then was going to add a lot of hand stitching with embroidery floss. My hands are not happy when I do a lot of hand work, and sewing through batiks is even less appealing. I decided that a minimal amount of hand stitching would be just fine.


There are a lot of details to see in this piece so I’m sure a few stitches won’t be missed at all.

Pink:gray4   Pink:gray6

And now it’s on to another project that’s been hanging around for a while. Well, only a month or so. That’s not bad at all, is it? It’s those 17 quilt tops sitting on the shelf that make me feel guilty…I’m never going to quilt them myself because they were class samples that I have no emotional attachment to at all. I’ve started sending those out to be quilted and plan on using them in the house. One project at a time, even if I’m not the one doing the actual quilting!

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8 thoughts on “One Project at a Time!

    • I once swore that I would always be a hand quilter, but my hands told me differently. Now I love machine work but I’d still love to be able to do that hand work, too.


  1. This piece is quite unique, Kathy. I really like it. Of course, I always love beading. It adds real interest. If we live long enough, we might finish all our UFO’s. (maybe)


    • Unique is what I’m always aiming for, so I’m glad I got there with this one! I don’t think there are enough years left to finish everything, but I’ll keep plugging away!


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