Even bad photos help…

I’m trying to make decisions about my next project. I’ve found it very informative to use my camera to help with those decisions, especially since I am notoriously bad at decisions anyway! This part of the design wall has the least light in my studio, but I took dark pictures rather than move everything. It works…I can tell what’s what and where.

Black and white—the blocks are the results of an exercise I did with my wacky quilt group and I really like them.I’ve actually even got a title for the piece and it’s not even sewn! I’m calling it My Eight Days This Week. At first, I wanted to screen paint designs on top of the black and white. I held off on that because I really don’t have a design that looked ‘right’ on top of the black and white. I may do some thread work along those lines.

My eight days are spaced on a twelve block grid, so I have four spaces to fill.

First selection option: black and white graphic prints, separated with a bright orange sashing?



Next: saturated orange/red blocks of color, with or without an orange border?



I’m leaning towards the bright orange blocks, but I DO  love black and white graphics…


The one thing that even bad photos can’t do is make the actual decision for me. They only help me to see what I like better. Deciding is never easy for me. I do welcome your comments and opinions, even if you hate orange!


12 thoughts on “Even bad photos help…

    • I’ve been comtemplating and the more the I think of ideas, the more complicated I’m making it. I loved the simple graphic lines to start with, so I think I’ll stick with bold orange and simple graphics!


      • I see elements in row 2, col 2 block that might be fun to use in the empty space blocks. What if you go with the bright orange, but slice it up a bit with a curved unit, shaped much like the curve of squares in row 2, col. 2 and colored black…..or maybe make the curvy slice orange and the background all white or half white and half black….or use one of the B&W prints with the curved slice out of the orange. …I guess what bothers me about the four squares of orange is that while being asymmetric, which is fun, it seems out of balance….not an odd number of elements, i.e. 3 or 5.

        I should send you a photo of the work I have on my board that I’m also auditioning for final decision. What fun….go with whatever talks to you and isn’t too much work, right? Good luck!

        One more thought….I liked the large bits of orange that had some dark gray surrounding them better than when the whole block was filled with the orange…..so maybe easiest solution would be to make “wacky” blocks mostly of orange in the middle, but with dark gray or black outside edges.


  1. Options to try: 1.Make the layout a 2 (vertical) x4 (horizontal) with orange strips between blocks. OR, 2. Make one more B&W block and do a 3×3 layout.
    3. Create a design in the 4 blank block areas that would look like a new and different quilt behind the original 8 blocks…using both orange and black and white, working to make the original blocks seem to float on top of the new areas. This might be done by drawing a curving line that would seem to flow from one empty space to another, and then another, dividing the blocks into more bold color areas (you could stay with the B&W and Orange)….hard to explain in words. I LOVE your method of working, as it is so similar to my own….always auditioning different options before making the next decision. Whatever you do, it will be lovely!


    • Decided firmly early on that there would NOT be 9 blocks or a 3 x 3 layout. Love the idea of a different quilt behind the original! Lots of food for thought with that idea!!!


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