Talk, talk, talk…

You all know how much I love beading and when I was asked to give a little talk and demo, of course I said yes. I love talking about my passions as much as I love working with them.

Bead demoQP

But when I’m talking, I’m not working, so I don’t have anything new to show you.

At least, not quilt related. We had a dying tree get a big crack after a storm so we had to cut it down. I’ve been schlepping limbs and branches for 2 days! That’s just plain manual labor–nothing fun about it!

tree debris

I’d much rather talk, talk, talk!


2 thoughts on “Talk, talk, talk…

    • I’m a stranger to my studio. I can’t remember which pile of stuff holds what! I might have to waste a little time cleaning before I can find what I was working on!!!


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