Oldie but still loved…

One of my shelves holds 19 quilt tops that I have finished over the years. They are class samples, other people’s patterns and designs, made in   order to teach some important-at-the-time technique or concept. I don’t really have any emotional attachment to them, but I liked them when I made them and I still do.

Moon batik2

I decided about a year ago that I will never, ever do the quilting on all of them myself, just because of that lack of emotional attachment. I sent one out last fall, but it’s an upcoming gift so no picture of it here right now. I sent my second one out and just put the binding on it today.

Moon batik

Still love this pattern and love this quilt. Very happy that I did not have to do the quilting on it. Must have been a good decision to have someone else do that work for me!

Hubby and I sleep under raggedy quilts on our bed. He says it’s embarrassing in a quilter’s household and I agree. Looks like I’d better go through that stack and get some more of those quilts DONE! And this quilter is not embarrassed to say that she does NOT do all her own quilting anymore! Looking forward to that shelf of quilts being empty and filling up a shelf in the linen closet with finished quilts.

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