GLAAQN Workshop

The Great Lakes African American Quilt Network celebrated it’s 10th anniversary this past weekend. I was privileged to be a workshop teacher, showing some wonderful ladies how to make quilts without patterns. I had a great time with a really nice group of women.

I remembered to take some pictures–hooray! The best part of a workshop for me is when the pieces and parts go up on the design walls. Everyone works from the same set of instructions and makes the same basic pieces. Do any of these pictures look like the same quilt? I truly love seeing how different everyone’s work is.

I don’t try to match names with the pictures. I admit right up front that I make errors when I try to do that and I’d rather just share the work with you than offend someone with the wrong name on the wrong piece!

This picture is of the samples I brought to show that no two quilts will look the same, even with the same instructions.


These pictures are what the ladies came up with…exciting!



6 thoughts on “GLAAQN Workshop

  1. Wow, I would be proud to have any one of these. What an interesting class. I have often wondered why we have so few African Americans in our quilt guilds. Quilting crosses every culture.


    • Everyone came up with a wonderful piece—all different and constructed from a different mindset!! And like any other situation, sometimes people don’t feel comfortable being the different one in a large group.


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