Quilting my 8 day quilt

I started the quilting on my 8 Days This Week quilt. The design is very minimalist and so I wanted the quilting to be minimal also. This is the first block and I’m not sure minimalist is what I’ll be happy with.

Quilting on 8 days3

As I went along, I felt like my quilting was getting more amateur looking. Here’s a detail of the above block.

Quilting on 8 days1

Here’s a piece of another block.

Quilting on 8 days2

I went ahead and quilted all the blocks this way…I can always add more stitching. It’s hanging back on the design wall until I can figure out what I want. All I know for sure is that I totally loved the piece until I got a few blocks quilted. I’m not usually one that gets all emotional over my pieces—love it-hate it-love it-hate it–kind of stuff. But this one definitely has me puzzled.

What do you need, little quilt? Speak to me………………….

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12 thoughts on “Quilting my 8 day quilt

  1. Try using some smaller thread. Like bottom line. I love to use that when I’m trying to just add the texture of quilting but not a “design” per say. If you can find it in a a moss green it’s perfect. Shows less than white actually and mostly just shows the definition of the quilting.


    • Really? How interesting! I have both green and white and would never have thought to try that! My one machine does not like Bottom LIne, but my old faithful Bernina will take anything. I’m going to to have to try it, for sure.


  2. I have seen some of the quilts known as Modern Quilting. The ones that seem to work best are the ones that are well planed for balance. They have a lot of empty space, but it all works because the balance is there. Just a thought.


    • I’m all for asymmetry in what I do, but I try to have some balance, also.This one is just a puzzle to find that balance of foreground, background and subtle. That’s what I’m aiming for, anyway!


    • Thanks. I want to keep it looking that way through all the quilting, too, and minimal quilting is just not doing it for me!

      On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 10:11 AM, Quirks Ltd.


  3. Just a thought….Black thread is adding new element to graphic design which may be interfering with the bold clean look you like. Maybe consider quilting in white, fairly closely, to keep background down while letting black design elements be the important part. Maybe all you need in black areas is to sew on edges of black elements to secure them? Good luck with whatever you decide.


    • That was my last thought as I looked at it on the design wall again. I think you’re right and the white background needs to recede with more quilting.


  4. How about a few big hand stitched lines or cross stitches in red using floss or DMC at least they would be easy to take out if they don’t work. Another thought don’t quilt the black but the white instead could even combine with red on the black.

    Bev Longford


  5. I think this piece needs a colored strip separating the bottom block from the top….have a fun day!


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