8 Day Quilting

I spent a big part of the morning working on mug rugs and I’ve finally used up all of the UFO blocks that were stacked here and there. Just to refresh your memory on how these are made, it’s a block or piece of quilt that I go ahead and do the quilting on.

Block mug rugs1

Then I cut squares out of it with a wavy edge cutter, sew a line around the edge and there you have a mug rug. The 6-7″ sizes are the ones I like the best. I think this would work well for place mats, too.

Then it was back to my 8 Day quilt. The white background on the blocks was really screaming out for more quilting to subdue it! I obliged and was immediately more satisfied with the look of the quilt. Here’s what the first couple of blocks look like now, though white on white does not photograph well!

8 day white2

8 day white1

I’m much happier with that look. Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with the orange blocks. I think just echo the lines of cording…I think! We’ll see what the quilt ends up telling me to do! Hoping to finish this before I head for bed tonight.