Last night’s work…er, play!

Last night I was the speaker at the Jackson Pieces and Patches Quilt Guild. That’s supposed to be work, but I love it so much that I feel as though I am playing.

They have their meetings at a lovely huge space in a local church. The meetings are started with a social hour and a demonstration. The demo last night was how to make a dimensional bow tie.

Jackson guild2

Then there were treats! If you have a birthday in the meeting month, you bring treats to share. Just look at this counter full of awesome desserts!

Jackson guild3

And more kept coming in! But take a close look at this strawberry deliciousness…try not to drool on your screen!

Jackson guild1


And then my camera died…

They had a mystery quilt challenge and the quilts were displayed. Isn’t it amazing how different the same quilt can look when done in different fabrics?

I believe my style of quiltmaking was well received, so I left there a very happy speaker! My goal is always to encourage quilters to try something new, to feel confident just grabbing some fabric and start making something, to try embellishment, to try surface design, to just TRY! I believe there are some quilters from that group that will be doing just that.