What’s Next?

I’m temporarily caught up on all my projects. I’ve been making mug rugs out of all my UFO’s and unwanted little quilts…you know, it’s not that hard to cut up a piece that you really don’t like and somehow the small pieces look better than the large piece did!

What’s next? I have a project that involves sun printing and we’ve had rain every day lately. Not so good.

I have home improvement projects that never quit, but that’s just not in my creativity vision. Wall paint or dusting—nope, not at all!

Gardening? Yes, there are things to do, but we’ve had rain every day!

I will be hosting two dye days next week, on Monday and Wednesday, so I know I’ll be having fun on those days. That made me decide to look at what I have and what I need. OH, MY–what a lot of DISorganization I have in my dyeing life.

Hand dyes pile

This is a pile of hand dyed fabric that I have experimented with and accumulated over several years. I have used a little bit, but the majority of my dyeing experiments are still sitting on the shelves. I need to use them, not just look at them lovingly and put them away again!

I’m going to sort through them and grab a piece that inspires me. I’m going to build on it and USE it. Stay tuned…I am determined!!


2 thoughts on “What’s Next?

  1. I love your blog and definitely look forward to seeing what you do with your hand dyed fabric……and to see which one brings on the inspiration you need. Have fun and please keep sharing!!


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