Inspiration Fabrics

Truly, I do want to make something from my hand dyed fabrics. I just don’t know what!

I have some large pieces, some of which I really like. I have some smaller pieces that I also really like. I don’t make large quilts anymore, so I don’t need a ton of any fabric. But I also don’t have anything that is screaming at me to be used!

Here is some of what I’ve been looking at–

Dye inspiration1

I really love this piece of fabric. Half a yard, made with soy wax and a tjap. Found out that soy wax and tjaps are harder to use than I thought! But right after seeing this, I heard about the terrible loss of firefighters in Arizona and all I could see here was an all-consuming forest fire. Not ready to use this fabric right now.

Everybody can use a piece that has some great sunset clouds…

Dye inspiration2

…but I have 4 yards of it! What was I thinking?

This piece I’ve loved since I first dyed it–so much that I haven’t been able to cut into it and use it. Is there something wrong with me?

Dye inspiration3

Simpler color combinations should be easier to use…not so much for me.

Dye inspiration4

My favorite piece was also a soy wax experiment, with lots of different shapes used for the wax. It’s a 2 yard piece–lots of fabric for anything I can think of, but I’m just not coming up with the right idea.

Dyed fabric5

Lots going on, but there are three distinct sections on this piece.

Dyed fabric7

This section is giving me “city grid” ideas again.

Dyed fabric8

This section is the part that is speaking most loudly to me today, but I’m not sure if I want it as background or featured…

If you have suggestions…

I’m linking this to Nina-Marie’s blog and you can see lots of other good blogs linked there. Check it out!


12 thoughts on “Inspiration Fabrics

  1. Beautiful fabrics! I especially like the soy wax batiks. You have much better control with your tjap than I do — my pieces are always more scribbly and blobby.


    • I’m learning that I don’t need as much wax as I thought at first. Just enough to penetrate the fabric. Can’t wait ’till next week when I’ll be trying some more of it!


  2. Vivian beat me to my suggestion. I haven’t worked on a theme either because it never appealed to me. But here lately…
    Those larger pieces would be perfect for that. I am just the opposite of you. I tend to make FQ size hand dyes when pot dying and 1/2 pieces when I flat/direct dye. I have the opposite problem then. Not enough to do what I want. I also try to make up extra dyes when I pot dye and then go on to do some direct dye/flat dye with those same colors so that I have some “plain” pieces that go with the more patterned ones. It does make me grab them more.
    I don’t care what anybody says gorgeous hand dyes are tough to cut mainly because you KNOW you can never get that same color, piece or pattern again.


    • My most helpful suggestion that I’ve seen recently is to layer up the fabrics for flat dyeing. Several layers of the same stuff, but done in manageable size pieces, plus you have plenty that works together if you need a lot. I’m thinking that I’m not going to do large pieces so much because I just don’t like to cut into them…and if they are bad, you have a lot of ugly stuff! And, yes, the uniqueness does make them hard to cut into.


  3. I find that pieces like this are better used if I cut them into small pieces. I can visualize them as components to be used in combination with solid or sparsely printed fabrics, rather than wholecloth. They certainly are unique.


    • I guess my mindset is still on getting rid of fabric, since I have too much. I was really thinking in terms of using up large quantities, but cutting into smaller pieces is really the right way to go. It’s hard for me to use hand dyes and commercial in the same piece…the components have to be just right!


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