So much for using my hand dyes…didn’t happen today, even though I went down the stairs determined to use them.

Over the past couple of days I have been running different ideas through my head about what I want to do with my orange fabric. So much so that I couldn’t even get a nap in…my brain was too busy!

Pulled a couple of fabrics off the shelf and got distracted by a wavy stripe that I have had for a while. Just a little scrap. Not even a quarter yard. But it grabbed me today and wouldn’t let go.

I ended up with this very vertical piece that I intend to cross cut.

Wavy scraps1

Or maybe this very horizontal piece that I intend to cross cut!

Wavy scraps4

But what to insert?

Wavy scraps2

These are my choices so far.

And the only one I think is any good is the yellow one.

Wavy scraps3

And that’s about all my crazy brain could decide.

I think I need an easy knitting or beading project while I cogitate on quilting stuff!


10 thoughts on “Distracted…

  1. I like the lines of this piece – bold and striking. I also like the yellow for a cross piece and wonder about having two cross pieces, one with the yellow and another (perhaps narrower) piece picking up the black? I trust you to decide what finishes the piece – I’m the novice here, you are the experienced one!


    • I’m thinking more than one yellow cross piece and perhaps one dark one. Don’t want to cut up the big waves too much, though, so it’ll be one cross piece decision at a time!


  2. It is tough to use such bold fabrics in any type of composition, isn’t it. These fabrics are such big actors that they don’t like to share the limelight. You will figure it out eventually.


    • I think they are going to be subdued by black cording and then jacked up again with black beads…I’m not sure but that is what is rolling around my brain right now!


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