Dye Day

Usually when I host a dye day at my house, I show you pictures of our stained hands, all our dyes, and whatever fabric we come up with. Well, all my fabric is still in containers, waiting to be washed out. But let me show you a fun container…


It’s a container that apples come in! The first time I saw one of these, this is what I immediately thought of doing with it. The sections are very shallow and so dye ran into adjacent cups, but that’s fine with me. I’m not a scientific or formula type dyer, so accidental results are just dandy!


Don’t these colors look luscious? Can’t wait to see how they rinse.

We had two first time dyers here today. I found myself actually doing a lesson in how to dye. Loved it! And I think we may have two new converts to dyeing, because they loved it, too!

We’ll be back at it on Wednesday, but I’m going to be playing with paint. I have a project that I want to do that way and I’m also going to be teaching a class with paint on July 17 so I’d better get some prep work done! Maybe I’ll take pictures of the paint stuff—I haven’t overstocked you with that too much yet! If you’re in my area, join us.


10 thoughts on “Dye Day

  1. I’ve been out rinsing and rinsing. Almost ready to take the fabric out of the water, let it dry, and see what I produced.


  2. Yes, I have looked at those apple and tomato containers and wondered what I could use them for. This is a great idea. I need to dye some pastels because they are so hard to find in the quilt shops. Most fabric on the shelves are medium values.


    • Most of the fabrics we buy are mediums, too. I always urge people to take a look at their stash and force themselves to add both lights and darks to their fabrics. I know I’ve had to do that several times!


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