That’s the title I gave my latest project. It started with a distraction, a pile of scraps, a curve…

Wavy scraps3

This is the way you last saw it. Next is after I added all my cross cut strips and started a bit of the quilting.


Somehow, after I got started, my piece decided that it wanted to hang upside down from my first thought. So that’s one more piece that spoke up and told me how it should be hung. Most of them DO get sassy like that and I like it!


Always happy to finish another project.

Now back to the puzzle of how to use up some of my hand dyes…and I just dyed MORE…and will probably dye more on Wednesday! Hmmm…something wrong with that picture!

Linking this to Nina-Marie’s blog…check out all the links for some great work!


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    • It was just a scrap that was in a grab bag bundle I picked up at a quilt show. If I had a bunch, I probably would not have cut into it, but it was easy to use a scrap!


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