Friday Fun

THIS is why I love Fridays so much!

AJ Magic City

AJ and I are building a Magic City. Precious moments!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Getting to share time with the young ones is always magical. I wish I could see my grand daughters more often….but alas, I’m in AR and they are in IL. You are truly blessed….and he is such a cutie!! REminds me of my older boy with his Legos! He is over 40 now, and still insists he wants to keep the Legos, even though he has a great job and is currently remodeling and improving a new house in San Diego, CA. Thanks for sharing your photo….makes me feel good.


    • He’s the reason we didn’t retire to a faraway place. We love every second spent with him. And I wish we had saved all those Legos we bought for our kids because it’s a pain to have to re-buy them now!!!


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