Rest and Reflection

For a couple of old, retired folks, with all the time in the world, hubby and I have had a very busy week. Painters, dyers, meetings, some sewing project finishes, doctor appointments, tree-cutting estimates, golf and more golf, and then some rain make-up golf, grandson day, of course…and boy, oh, boy does the lawn ever need mowing! I have some garden work that really needs to be done and some that I want to do.


And there is going to be nothing happening today but rest and relaxation!

I could rest a lot by doing some sewing, but I think sitting and reading sounds even better. I’m going to come up with a realistic to-do list for the week.

The next few days are supposed to be in the 90’s and humid, so after the lawn mowing (maybe later today), I don’t think there will be any garden work.


The air conditioning will be on and I certainly don’t want to defeat the purpose and work up a sweat, so there will be no vacuuming or floor washing, even though they are needed.


Walking for exercise is always on our agenda, but if we don’t get out before 9 AM, it just ain’t gonna happen!

I have a class to teach on Wednesday, but that will be done in an air conditioned studio, so that will happen.

I think that’s gonna be a realistic view of our week–stay cool, be lazy and ACT like an old, retired couple with all the time in the world and nothing to do!




8 thoughts on “Rest and Reflection

  1. I am doing today very much like you describe. Sometimes we just need to tune out and be veggies! Loved your photos….esp. “Old people ‘tire’ so easily!!” Thanks for sharing!


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