Paint in a Bag

Taught this class today at USArtquest with just 4 students. That was great, because we had tons of extra time and I was able to give a lot of personal attention.

Paint bag class1

All set up and ready to go!

As usual, I forgot to take pictures until everyone but Jan was gone. I got one shot of what she was working on!

Paint bag class2

This is a very cool stamp on top of Jan’s painted background.

The more I use the USArtquest products, the better I like them. That’s my advertisement for today, but I truly do like their products!


10 thoughts on “Paint in a Bag

    • USArtquest is kind of local to me but they have been well known nationwide in the scrapbooking industry for years. They have a great online and mail order presence. The link is I have not been disappointed in any of the products I have used, although those Stewart Gill paints from Scotland are pretty darn good, too!


  1. It was a great class and I loved the small the smaller numbers. Thanks, it was a fun time and I will do it again. (My wallet says so!)


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