When it doesn’t work,

it just doesn’t work! Spent lots of time pinning bits of fabric to the design wall. I was determined to make my project idea with my orange fabric.


Look at all the fabric I have!


Oh, I know some of you have more. But I think I tried almost every piece of that stash with my orange fabric.

Nothing was working. Nothing was right. This is where I left it.

Orange idea 5

I kind of like the group on the left, and not the fabric on the right. However, nothing is just right and I think it may be that what I want to do with it is the problem. I’m going to think on it some more. My idea may just not be the correct place to use that orange fabric.

Walk away from the design wall! Save your sanity!


14 thoughts on “When it doesn’t work,

  1. I have that same fabric in blue! LOL! I was actually thinking of creating a whole cloth quilt with it…maybe using perle cotton [in the bobbin] to quilt it


  2. Hi Kathy
    The words ” Step Away From The Design Wall” have come out of my mouth several times in the last few days. I can really relate to your post….all part of the process I guess. Funny how things come together almost magically some days and others not so much.


    • It’s amazing how sometimes nothing goes together and other days it’s simple…and the bad days are frustrating! Good thing I’ve done this long enough to know the good fabric days will come around again!


  3. Hi Kathy,

    Why don’t you pull out your trusty color wheel and try a compliment or even a split compliment? It is what I do when I am at a loss for the next direction…



    • The color wheel is where I started on this one! I’ve been all around it and back again. I’m pretty sure it’s the design idea that doesn’t want to work with this orange fabric. It wants to be featured so I need another concept for it!

      On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 11:10 PM, Quirks Ltd.


  4. Understand completely. Maybe some freeform piecing is in order with all those funky fabrics (or at least some of them šŸ™‚ and especially with the orange. Which reminds me, if you look at the free form piecing category link on my blog, you’ll find some basic instructions on how to do straight and curvy free-form. It’s loads of fun.



    • Free form piecing is all I do, Bert! Wrote a book on it. I checked out your helpful guides and they are both slightly different than how I do it. Thanks! I love learning new methods.


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