The Palm Tree Adventure Begins

Now that those crazy beads have rolled to the forefront of my brain, I can’t wait to make my palm frond idea a reality. Here’s my drawing…not fancy or detailed at all…mostly because I can’t draw well!


My original idea for a background was to use this hand dye and maybe add a bunch of layers to look like a real island scene.


I didn’t even bother taking pictures of what I threw up on this, because it was all just too much, considering what else is being added! So then I decided that my background should be just a hint, a mere suggestion of that island and I tried gray.


This doesn’t show up well in the photo but it wasn’t that bad on the design wall. However, I didn’t have enough of the gray gradation so I went with several batiks. And for those who like to know my process, I overlap one fabric over another, cut a curvy line and sew…several times, alternating fabrics.


And this is roughly how my design will look.


What I am left with for a task in front of the TV is cutting out the palm fronds from the delicious charcoal gray fabric that will be the base of the crazy beads.


I’m quitting there for today because I have a few construction details I want to think about. I need to figure out if I want to quilt and then fuse on the fronds or quilt with the fronds already on. That will determine how I do the actual quilting. Then I have to decide what kind of “innards” I need for the future beading. I can quilt on batting and then add stabilizer for the beading and finish by adding backing at that point. Or I can assemble quilt, batting, stabilizer, backing and finish the quilt before beads are added. Edge finishing? Binding? Cording? Facing? Those are things I need to decide before I go on, so I have less chance of disappointing myself later, or having to re-do something.

So, it’s off to cut and think and try to decide stuff! This part takes as much work as the actual sewing!

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16 thoughts on “The Palm Tree Adventure Begins

    • First time I’ve tried palms, though I have lots of pics from which to choose from our times in Florida. I’m hoping this one works out for a fun piece, not a garish one!


  1. Been trying some improvisational piecing and found it more difficult than I thought. But, I did come up with something I like and will try this again. Your palm sounds very interesting. Thanks for the info on your process.


    • I have been using Lazy Girl’s newest product Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff. Similar to Timtex, but softer, more flexible, no bearding. I love it for supporting my beadwork. I don’t cut anything away from the back. The heavy beading needs all that support.

      On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 10:41 AM, Quirks Ltd.


  2. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!

    That figuring it all out (mostly) before starting is so hard for me. But like you said, it’s so necessary!


  3. “I didn’t even bother taking pictures of what I threw up on this,” Blog Quote of the Week – LOL!! Yeahhhhh been there done that!! love the idea of just making a quick sketch of where you want to go with an idea!


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