Palm Tree Process

Got to spend quite a bit of time working on my palm tree project today. Here’s where I left off…

Background ready and then I layered batting and stabilizer. No backing yet because it’s easier to bead without trying to hide the stitches between layers. The stabilizer is necessary for the beading to come.


I did simple quilting through the layers.


I laid the palm fronds on top of the background and liked it so much that I questioned whether or not I wanted to go ahead with the crazy beads.


Fused it down and just ran a row of stitching around each frond. One thing I do to points is to stitch a few stitches beyond the end to be sure they look pointy! On a piece where they might show, it makes a difference. On this one, the fronds just need to be anchored down.


I found it rather difficult to manuever this piece while doing the quilting. The stabilizer layer made it very stiff, which is good for the beading part, but not so easy to shove around under the quilting foot!

Crazy beads or no crazy beads? I grabbed handsful of the beads and laid them down on the palm fronds to see how they would look.


And up closer…


I’m thinking I’ll cover the fronds very closely with the beads and just have fun with it. It’s all ready to start with the beads, but I wonder what it would look like with some elegant beads instead of the funky beads. Gonna throw some more beads at it before I decide.

For an idea intended to be totally funky and fun, this is turning into a nice piece that I might want to be a bit classier! Hmmmmm…………

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16 thoughts on “Palm Tree Process

  1. Hi, Kathy. You indeed have a dilemma–to bead or not to bead, that is the question. I like both versions…hmmmm maybe you should make two. The bare palm branches are stark and elegant. The beaded ones are unexpected and zingy. I’d make two!
    best, nadia


    • Appreciate the comment. I usually only think about pictures when the whole thing is done, but I like seeing other people’s processes, too, so I’m trying to do more of that.


  2. I have a tendency to stop myself before I get too carried away. Many times I have embellishments at hand that I planned to use, and then take a second look. Sometimes, less is more. But the beads would make it a really fun piece.


    • Still deciding and super busy this week so I’ll have some thinking time. I want to use those beads really badly and may convince myself to use them even in they are not really right!


  3. This one looks like it either needs to be beadapalooza or none-nothing inbetween! I kinda like the “elegant” look but if you go beads, that whole bunch of funky beads just takes it in a new, fun direction.


    • The original intent was all-the-way funky but I’m not sure now. I’m not in love with the ‘elegant’ look either. Perhaps a bright, funky border added will make the funky beads look connected?


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