My QU Weekend

I’m not a believer in writing about something and stretching it out into several posts. I’d rather write one long post and tell you all about it, so here goes!

Our committee worked really hard to make The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild Quilting Unlimited a success…and I think we did it! Lots of good classes and lots of show and tell that made us wish we could take every class offered by every teacher. Pizza and Quilt Jeopardy on Friday night and a sit down dinner and Sue Nickels for an after dinner speaker on Saturday. And gift bags, chocolate and door prizes for everyone!!!

My weekend classes were spent all with Ellen Anne Eddy. I love her work and was excited to learn from her. She explained and demonstrated everything thoroughly!



We learned about sheers and zig-zag free motion stitching and fusing lots of stuff and bobbin work and corded bindings and…and…and…she even brought a big pile of stuff for us to work…er, play with!


I’m not much for making bugs and my fabric didn’t speak to me about ponds or frogs, so I’m working on making trees and rocks. I also started with a piece of fabric twice as big as I was supposed to, so it’s taking me a bit longer!


I’m loving this process, so it will get finished, but not in class!

My Sunday class was bobbin work and I thought I’d try to make leaves to add to my tree picture. Not so much! But filling in with that thick thread is so fast it makes you think you’re doing something wrong!

This is the start of my first leaf, with the class kit.


I added a bit more to it, then these get cut out and applied to the larger picture. The process of attaching the piece to the project allows for even more stitching to be added.

You never bring the fabric you need to a class. You always want that perfect piece that you left at home! So, I decided to make another leaf, just to practice some more.


More to be added to this one, and then I decided that maybe the first one got a little bite taken out by a hungry bug!


My technique toolbox has gotten some new games added to this weekend and I’m excited to keep playing with them. I love having the opportunity to learn from the experts and had a wonderful time.

Now back to normal–the grass needs mowing again!


12 thoughts on “My QU Weekend

  1. I loved seeing your finished projects last night. I especially like the colored beads you added to the black and white striped fabric on your white sunflower one. That was a good call! The one with the white background was awesome as well. Much bigger than I thought it was from seeing it on here!


      • No we really do show personal stuff but the challenge stuff tends to actually get finished. HA! I’ve shown everything I’ve done there even the more traditional stuff.


        • Okay, then I won’t feel bad about it and I’ll just keep bringing whatever I make. I just have a hard time getting there. Seems like there is always extra stuff going on on Mondays!


  2. Wish now that I had taken one of Ellen Ann’s classes. Her quilts were awesome. It was fun though getting to know her at breakfast.


    • There were a lot of really good classes this time! There were at least 4 or 5 other ones that I would have liked also. Seems like it was a pretty good weekend overall!


    • The leaves are done on two layers of stabilizer and would eventually have fraying problems. They are made to be attached to larger pieces with more stitching around those edges, which gives even more opportunity for shiny thread!


  3. Can I tell you you how jealous I am? I do most of my thread painting on fabric that has been fused to peltex and then cut out and appliqued down. Love Ellen Ann. She has been teaching for a long time. Wish our guild would have her.


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