Lesson NOT Learned

You would have thought that I HAD learned my lesson about huge beading projects…they take forever and you can get bored working on the same piece forever!

But once you get an idea, you have to carry it through to the end, even if it takes forever!!!

This is how far I’ve gotten on my palm tree project.


And, yes, I decided to stick with that original idea of using the big, funky beads. It’s fitting my original vision, but this piece is about 24 x 40.

This is about a 12″ square of the piece…just the tiny top corner.


Did I mention that this is likely to take me FOREVER?

I think you won’t be seeing the finished project for quite a while. Thank goodness I like working on several projects at once. I can switch off from one to the other and not get bored. Takes longer to get to that finished stage, but it saves my sanity.

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8 thoughts on “Lesson NOT Learned

  1. Are you keeping weight concerns in mind? I’ve never done anything with heavy beading, but I would suspect the beads will add considerable weight, so that hanging it may require added measures. Good luck with this massive beading undertaking. It will certainly be lively and funky when finished.


    • Weight is a huge consideration when beading. I have my favorite interfacing, Lazy Girl Stiff Stuff, batting and fabric and backing will be added after the beading is done. These beads are lightweight plastic, not glass or ceramic, so this should not be extremely heavy. I learned a lot with the beading on my sunflower project!


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