Progress Report

Quick progress report on my crazy palm fronds.

It’s slow, but I’m loving it.

Progress palms1

There will eventually be a bright colored border to finish off the picture and tie in the bright bead colors.

Progress palms2

It’s fun working with these funky beads!

Next blog post should be about AQS Grand Rapids. I’ll try to remember my camera, but mostly I go to look and chat with the vendors!


8 thoughts on “Progress Report

    • I’m very, very happy with these. Am getting to the hardest-to-reach-spots in the piece, so I’m sure that I’ll use that as an excuse to only bead in short bursts!!! Large projects=not always a good idea!


      • Yes you are right on the large projects. I am about to start the fancy quilting on one and am not super motivated. It’s great when the project is done and looks great but those last few jobs can draaaaaaag on. 😉


        • There’s always a point where the project drags and just doesn’t seem like it will ever be finished. We just have to slog through it and get to the finish. That’s always a sweet moment!!


  1. I am enjoying reading your posts, and enjoying your progress. I was at AQS GRand Rapids and it was sooooo much fun! The vendors are great! Everyone was very friendly, as I am new to the area that made the process of going alone even more FUN! Hope you enjoy! TTYL!


    • Glad you enjoyed the show. I did, too, and the venue is superb. AQS knows how to put on a show and I’m looking forward to hearing about what happens when all the new shows are added to the schedule!


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