AQS Grand Rapids 2013

Not your typical report…I only took a few pictures. I’m not huge on taking pictures of quilts that are available with professional photos in catalogs or on websites. Plus, I’ve been chastised for improper attribution and don’t want to get anyone’s knickers in a knot over THAT again!

The Tentmakers of Cairo were there again and I’m just in awe of their work and how they do that work! Traditional quilts are so beautiful and I appreciate them but art quilts are what really get my heart racing. Here are the ones I liked the most.

AQS GR13-3

Part of the Ultimate Guild Challenge, this one about bridges.

This next photo is rather dark, but the label shows some of the work.

AQS GR13-1

AQS GR13-2

My camera cannot light up the quilts enough to show you these quilts well. Another reason to get show catalogs! But I particularly liked that this one was in three connected sections.

AQS GR13-4

AQS GR13-6

Lots of good vendors, of course, but I was totally drawn into a tiny little booth with a new-to-me product. Maybe you already know about Wire-Knitz, but I did not and I love this! Look…

AQS GR13-7 AQS GR13-8

It’s a coated wire mesh grid, in several variations, not cheap, and, yet I want it in ALL colors, ALL weights, ALL widths! I couldn’t make a decision and don’t know how I’ll use it for sure, but it is definitely on my radar. I’ll probably make a trip to the shop that carries it.  Apparently they have an ‘Artist Sampler Pack’ there that they did not have at the show…would have sold one to me there, but they were demo-ing in a different direction than what I was seeing. And I could order online, but I want to see it some more and touch it some more and think about what I want to do with it some more!

So this is my highlight summary of the AQS show. Had a wonderful day, went on a bus with a group and that was the easiest possible way to go. Saw some old friends, met some new friends and wish every quilter could get to one of the big shows. Taking classes is great but so is having a whole day to just look and chat!

No internet for a week, so no posts for a while. I’ll be back soon, after spending a week with family!


6 thoughts on “AQS Grand Rapids 2013

  1. I’m with you Kathy , and I think I am getting a little jaded….I’m so not impressed with hot fixed wonders! I didn’t go to anyone’s booth other than what was around the Mistyfuse booth so I wouldn’t be tempted. But I did bring home some Perle cotton thread and some trims from the dollar trims booth. Those guys were so nice and they said they weren’t doing well.


    • Oh, I know I’m a little jaded, but there are always things that fill me with awe so it’s never a total disappointment to go look at great quilts. I was hoping that all the vendors would have a good show so that they are eager to return. That’s a major part of what draws folks in!


    • The bridge challenge from that guild was really nice, but the color of this particular piece just totally captivated me. It amazes me when people can SEE those everyday things and turn them into art!


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