Chaos and Success!

Made some remarkable progress today in cleaning up my studio mess. It was easier than I thought–things must not have been piled as high as I imagined!

Cutting table

The cutting table was clean enough to use for actual cutting–and I did!

Chaos 4

This table was so clean, I actually got a project quilted!

Chaos 5

Not totally successful with this table, but that’s probably because I didn’t need to use it today. Not enough motivation to get that done.

So here’s what I worked on with all that cleared up space.

My orange fabric project got quilted today. This is where we left it…

Orange geo1  I first quilted straight lines across any strip that had blue.

Orange strips1 The spaces in between got pebbles.

Orange strips2 Can’t see them too well, but that’s the effect I wanted. Yeah!!

One last decision to be made–binding or facing.

Orange strips3

I’m leaning toward facing, but I hate doing facings a whole lot more than I hate doing binding! What final look do I really want? Hmmmmmmmm….

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11 thoughts on “Chaos and Success!

  1. You have a strong horizontal look to this beautiful quilt and a blue border would kill it. You are on the right track with a facing.


    • Thanks for expressing that for me…my words just weren’t connecting to my brain for the reason it needed to be faced! I *am* toying with the idea of a couple of curvy lines of beads across the surface…

      On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 11:35 PM, Quirks Ltd.


      • You might want to just lay the beads on first to see how they look. I think that the simplicity is what is so striking, but I could see some beads.


    • I think facing, also, but at a group meeting last night, the consensus seemed to be a blue binding. I just don’t think I’m buying into that!

      On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 10:05 PM, Quirks Ltd.


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