Sun Printing

Otherwise known as cyanotype printing or blueprint printing and, by any name, lots of fun. Take a look at the prints that I made…(Click on a photo for a closer look at the group.)

Some of these will be part of a piece I am doing about Anna Atkins, the first woman photographer. This is a photo process, not dyeing, and I just think it is so cool that we can still do it so easily when it was first done in the 1840’s.

Her focus was botanical but anything that you can lay on the fabric can be captured! I “photo-ed” some lace, some keys and some random tool bench junk. I need to find some other cool foliage to add to this batch of pre-treated fabric…did I say that it was super easy?

Looking for the best quilting results, I tried two different stabilizers and several different thread combinations. I like light blue rayon for the top and Bottom Line for the bobbin on Lazy Girl Stiff Stuff.

Didn’t want batting–too soft–or Timtex–too stiff because I plan on mounting them on my background as if they were photos. We’ll see how that works!

I need to make decisions quickly and get this finished. The design has been in my head since the beginning, but my procrastination gene kicked in big time on the actual work. It was originally due Aug. 15 but the deadline was extended. I don’t want to push my luck any further…this WILL be done this week!

How’s that for the power of positive thinking?

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6 thoughts on “Sun Printing

    • I read up a lot before I did it, so this is what I did. Layer fabric, plant (or other junk!) and cover with a pane of plain glass. Put in full, hot sun for 10 minutes. Rinsed twice and then dipped in bucket with water and a little peroxide, which brings out the dark, dark blue. I think it was the combo of hot sun and peroxide that made mine look good. We’ll see when I try it again sometime soon!


    • Thread turned out to be easy. My next step is trying to fit these into the size format requirement. Surprise–I made too many to use them all! May have to make more, too. Love this!


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